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raw apple pie

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Wondering what to make for Thanksgiving dinner? Here are a few tried-and-true ideas…many of which I’ll be making for my own family next week! I’ll also be making a pumpkin custard (pumpkin pie without the crust), as well as a pumpkin/cream cheese fruit dip. Mmmm! You can look for those posts after the holiday! In the meantime, maybe some of these will give you inspiration!

Curried Butternut Squash Soup – This soup is creamy, with a combination of sweet and savory. Really good with some crumbled bacon and slices of mild cheese melting on top!
butternut squash soup

Maple-Cider Sweet Potatoes – this is my absolute favorite sweet potato recipe! So good. Sweet potatoes sprinkled with cinnamon and pecans, dotted with butter, and then drizzled all over with a mix of spiced cider and maple syrup. Mmmm! A real crowd pleaser
Maple Cider Sweet Potatoes

Herbed Corn – this is another Thanksgiving staple in my home. The sweet corn, creamy butter, and savory herbs all go together perfectly in this side dish!
herbed corn

Whole Grain Honey Cornbread – Looking for an alternative to bready stuffing? Perhaps this cornbread will fit the bill instead!
Whole Grain Honey Cornbread

Creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette – How about a holiday salad of spinach and greens, pomegranatet seeds, and walnuts? This simple, delicious dressing goes perfectly with any salad.

Stewed Apples with Nut Streusel – This could be a perfect dessert alternative for those who can’t tolerate any sweetener at all, or could be simply another side dish!

Raw Apple Pie – This pie is sweetened only with fruit, and so is safe even for the most inflammatory-sensitive person!! You can change it up and add things too – like cranberries, or nuts, or other fruits.
raw apple pie

Ginger-Molasses Muffin Tops – These use dates to substitute for some of the sweetener, leaving a fluffy, pillow-like, spicy dessert that’s something between cookies and muffins!
gingerbread muffin tops

Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate – How about ice cream?! This chocolate ice cream is jazzed up with a pinch of cinnamon. Perfect for this time of year!
chocolate ice cream

Hot Cranberry-Cider Swizzle – I serve this every Thanksgiving and Christmas! It’s a great drink to have waiting hot, in the crock pot, for people to drink while they wait for dinner to be ready!
Hot Cranberry Cider Swizzle


Liver Pills (or, How To Eat Liver If You Think It’s Gross)


For more than a year, I’ve had a liver sitting in my freezer. I got it as part of my meat share, from a grass-fed cow raised on a local farm. It’s just been sitting there, a big lump wrapped in butcher paper, getting in the way of the food I actually want to eat. I finally shoved it down into the darkest, deepest corner of the freezer to get it out of the way, and tried to forget about it.

But, I never really did forget about it, because I knew that it was good for me. Like..super, duper, one-of-the-best-foods-a-person-could-eat good for me. Liver is one of the best sources of iron, as well as Vitamin A and all the B vitamins (B-12 in particular), and a mysterious “anti-fatigue” element that dramatically increases energy and stamina. Surely, I had to find a way to get this stuff into my body.

But every time I thought about it, I just shuddered and then quickly shoved the thought into the same deep, dark corner in which the liver was languishing in my freezer. I just couldn’t face it.

Well, folks, I finally faced it. Two weeks ago, knowing that my health is still on the mend from adrenal fatigue and that I needed extra support with winter coming on, I decided I should take advantage of the wonder-food I had hidden in my freezer. I recalled an article I read once about someone turning their liver into easy-to-palate frozen liver pills – things you could just pop in your mouth and swallow down with juice. So I thought, “I can do that,” and set out to transform my lump of scary organ into something I could imagine putting in my body.

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