Affordable Almond Flour!

When I first started this diet, I used almond flour a lot, and that’s reflected in my early recipes. I used it a lot because most of my recipe ideas were coming from Paleo diet blogs, and the Paleo diet doesn’t allow any grains.

However, at $11/pound, it just wasn’t practical to use almond flour very often, so I gradually dropped away from using it. It’s just SO expensive! I mean, when you’re trying to eat Real Food, you kind of have to pick and choose where your budget goes. And it’s much more important to me to spend money on buying good quality milk and butter than almond flour. So almond flour in recipes basically got ditched.

But then I found this at Trader Joe’s!

almond meal


It’s not quite the same as flour – it’s almond meal, which is coarser than almond flour. But I can still use it for most things, and it was only $3.99/pound! This is a HUGE difference from what I was paying for a bag of Bob’s Red Mill.

So, that’s why I’m starting to use almond flour in my recipes again. I like the texture almond flour gives baked goods, and it’s also a good idea to decrease grain consumption when possible. I might even go back and try some of my recipes with some almond flour subbed in for the spelt (I’m especially thinking of the banana bread, since I eat so much of it.) If you are unwilling/unable to buy almond flour, though, don’t worry. Usually it can be replaced with another flour, and I’ll try to make a note of that in the recipes.

But if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, then just go buy yourself some cheap almond meal!


One thought on “Affordable Almond Flour!

  1. Julie

    So good to know. I had seen that almond meal at Trader Joe’s and wondered how it worked in recipes. Thanks!

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