banana cake

Grain-Free Banana Cake

I found this recipe, again, on Food Renegade. I had a ton of bananas waiting to be frozen (for Magic Milkshakes), and had all the other ingredients needed, so I decided to try it out.

My verdict? It’s good. For me it’s not gotta-have-another-piece-right-now good, and probably isn’t something I’ll make a lot, but I liked it. It’s very moist and dense, with a very strong banana flavor and a hint of coconut. For whatever reason, it doesn’t completely do it for me, but that might be because I was really thinking of my favorite (sugar-filled) banana bread recipe while I was making this, and it’s nothing like that. So maybe it’s just comparison.

But…my kids LOVED it. As in, really, really over the moon about it. So, obviously it’s not bad. It’s just not my particular thing. So maybe you’ll love it too…or, better yet, your kids!

I definitely think the Vanilla Whipped Cream adds to it – because, well, it’s cream. What isn’t great about cream? It’s not sweetened, but the creaminess and vanilla, with a sprinkling of cinnamon, is really good. It reminds me of the clotted cream I used to have in Britain.

The recipe for the Banana Cake is here.

To make the Vanilla Whipped Cream, just put a cup of heavy cream in a bowl with a teaspoon of vanilla and mix it with an electric mixer until it firms up. That’s it! You can experiment with other flavorings and extracts too.