Hold the Sugar on Facebook


Okay, folks. I finally caved. I didn’t think I really needed an official Facebook page because I have rather humble ideas about this blog and the demand of its viewers. But recently someone tried to link to a Hold the Sugar Facebook page, but it turned out to be a site where you can buy diabetic foods made with artificial sweeteners. Which, as you know, is kind of the exact opposite of the sort of thing I would condone. So I’ve decided to set one up to avoid such mishaps in the future – should they occur. If you’re on Facebook and feel like you’d enjoy updates from Hold the Sugar there, go ahead and follow me there!

I’ll probably end up posting a greater variety of things there than I do here. I’ll of course share any new blog posts I make, but I’ll also post interesting news items or discoveries or thoughts or whatever else I think is interesting that relates to this sort of diet. (Without gunking up anyone’s news feeds with nonsense, of course.)

Hold the Sugar on Facebook! (Your dearest dreams have obviously been answered.)