On the Journey


I’ve collected here the posts I’ve made about my experience with this diet along the way to make it easier to find them. This is where you’ll find stories about my successes (and failures), helpful hints, useful information I find, and lessons I’m learning. Hopefully my experience will help you if you’re trying to figure out how to make this work for your life! They’re listed in order of when they were posted, and you’ll definitely notice how much I progress along the way. (Alternately, you can click on the category “On the Journey” on the right hand side of the home page, and that will show all the posts in this category without having to click on them.)

How to Handle the Evil Craving Monster – hints about ways to deal with the intense cravings that come with cutting sugar and refined grain.

Birthday Cheating – Once you get over the really hard craving stage, is it safe to cheat once in a while? Or will that just start everything over agin? About three weeks into the diet it was my birthday, and I decided to cheat and find out.

EAT!!! – A life lesson in why it’s so important to never let yourself get hungry! Not only is it your number one defense against cravings, but it also helps keep you from terrorizing your family.

Changing Tastebuds – After about 5 weeks without sugar (except for that birthday cheat) food has started to taste really different and more satisfying.

Power Outages and Stress-Induced Craving – In my last “on the journey” post, I kind of implied that, since I know all the horrible things that refined carbs do to my body, it was easy to stay away from them now. Well, all it took was a couple days of a power outage to knock me off that high horse. What do you do when unavoidable life circumstances force “unapproved” foods on you? Or if you’re eating at someone else’s house – should you insist on food that follows this diet, or is it okay to just go with the flow? This is where I answer those questions!

Eating Out – Eating out on this diet can be tricky, but not impossible! Here are a few tips, and some recommendations, for dining at restaurants.

When Will I Learn? – Even after all this time, I STILL find myself getting sucked in by the temptation of forbidden treats, even though I totally know better!

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole: Grass-Fed Animal Products – The more I learn about eating right, the more things I feel compelled to change in my life. This is a big one, but is expensive to implement. I share some ways I’m trying to make it work in my life and budget.

Weight Loss: An Unexpected (but welcome!) Side Effect – In three months, I lost 20 pounds without even trying! And while eating satiating, filling foods and eating tons of butter and whole milk.

Child Brainwashing 101 – Somehow, I’ve managed to get my kids to be so on board with this diet that they’re making good food choices all on their own now – and my son is now habitually reading every food label he comes across! Thinking back, there are a few things I’ve been doing that I think have helped this happen.

The Candy Redemption Program in Action: Easter – This is one of the biggest tools I have for convincing my kids to eat less sugar. It got its first major test over Easter…and was a success!

Falling off (and Bazooka-ing) the Wagon on Vacation – The title says it all. This is what happens when you get too comfortable with your success and think that a week off can’t really be that bad for you. Well. It can.

Long Absences, Trips to China, and Adrenal Fatigue – this explains how our China trip completely drained my adrenals and sent me spinning, and also how I took care of myself to get better.

Joint-Pain Busting Apple Cider Vinegar Drink – If you’re recovering from a time of food indulgences, like the holidays, or are just experiencing joint pain flare-ups, this drink will help you if taken on a regular basis!