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Here you can find some links to blogs with recipes you can search, as well as links to articles with information to help educate yourself on food and what it does to your body!



Not all recipes on these blogs will be okay for anti-inflammation, but they’re a good place to start. None of them use sugar, but will use Stevia, honey, and maple syrup as sweeteners. With the honey and maple syrup, just be careful to use moderately.

Satisfying Eats is a food blog that focuses on sugar-free and grain-free recipes. She has TONS of dessert recipes using Stevia. I still haven’t really gotten used to the taste of Stevia as a completely sweetener replacement, but these recipes are definitely worth a try. Everything on this site is safe for anti-inflammation.

Nourished Kitchen is a “real food” focused food blog with a variety of recipes.

Food Renegade is a wealth of information about nutrition and healthy living, as well as great recipes.

The Foodie and the Family is a site that focuses on a Paleo lifestyle – basically cutting anything that came about after the agrarian revolution. It cuts all grain and dairy, so eliminates more than this diet, but there are a lot of good recipes here.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop has recipes and great information about “real food” healthy living.

Kitchen Stewardship   is another “real food” blog with great information and recipes. It has a nice “baby steps” approach about how to switch to a real food diet.

Easy Natural Food is a blog that features some seriously delicious food! There are several Indian dishes, which I love, and it’s all “Easy and Natural” like the title says!

Against All Grain – a Paleo food blog with lots of great recipes. She also has a cookbook for sale.



A great video by  Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD, a UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, about how sugar leads to a host of diseases, including heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The sugar industry is lying to you:

Facts about what sodas do to the body, and how the soda industry is lying to us about it:

Sugar consumption has been proven to be the number one cause of diabetes – it has the same amount of convincing evidence of causality as tobacco does to cancer! It’s proven toxic, but of course this fact is being fought by the sugar industry, just as the tobacco industry fought the link to cancer.


Make sure that your honey is real!


Agave nectar is NOT a natural sweetener

Dangers of Splenda

Is Truvia healthy?

Diet sodas make you fat!

Sugar Cravings

This is a potentially life altering article I found about a quick and easy way to stop sugar cravings in their tracks!

This article explains the WHY behind those pesky sugar cravings. It’s not a matter of weak will, it’s your body chemistry being all wonky from a lifetime of easily accessible glucose (refined carbs). Knowing the reason behind it helps you deal with it better!

Weight Loss

An excellent article about insulin resistance and weight gain and about how fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does:

Eating fat does not make you fat. In fact, it helps you lose/maintain weight!:

Coconut oil

The (apparently) many amazing benefits of coconut oil:

How to choose a good coconut oil:

Olive Oil

How most popular olive oils are not real

Safe olive oil brands

Buyer’s guide to olive oil

Vegetable oils/Margarine

About vegetable oils and why they’re bad for you:

A very thorough article explaining where vegetable oils come from, which ones to avoid in particular, and what they do to our bodies.

How vegetable oils are making us fat:

The serious health dangers of margarine:

10 reasons Canola oil is really bad for you:


I don’t always do these things, but this is interesting information on the right way to eat grains and why they’re so hard to digest:

An interview with an expert on grains:


The dangers of soy

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

A MUST READ!!!! This expertly answers the most-often asked question I get: “What about all that cholesterol?” People don’t understand how it can be good to cut vegetable oils and eat saturated fats like butter and coconut oil instead. To understand why cholesterol is not bad for you, you must read this article:

How low sugar diets help lower cholesterol

Does reducing fat consumption really reduce cholesterol?

This is a very information-dense article about how the idea of saturated fat being bad has gained popularity over the years, and why people are starting to think it’s wrong:

Really interesting illustrated time line about the history of heart disease and how it’s been treated.

High fat dairy REDUCES risk of heart disease!

Benefits of Bone Broth

What it is and why it’s so good for you.

Grass-Fed Meat/Dairy/Eggs

A great article detailing why grass-fed butter is superior – not only in quality, but in health.

An information-packed page on all the benefits of grass-fed animal products:

Factory farmed meat vs. grass-fed:

Benefits of pastured eggs:

Why you should care about where your milk comes from:

Is organic milk healthy?

Where you can find real milk in your state:

Scorecard on egg brands and which are best:

Where to find grass-fed products in your state:


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