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My New Bread

One of the biggest problems after starting this diet was bread. I’d already been buying organic whole wheat bread, but even that has some refined grains, as well as sweeteners, and it wasn’t okay for me to eat anymore. I tried a truly whole wheat bread, but it was so dense and heavy that I couldn’t tolerate it, much less the rest of my family! I probably could have tried making my own bread, but – honestly? – that’s just WAY more work than I’m willing to do. So, I just kind of gave up and decided to stick to my puffed spelt cakes.

But, then I found this bread. And it was at my local regular grocery store, of all places!


It’s by Alvarado St. Bakery. They have a couple varieties, but this is the best one – “Essential Flax Seed bread with Sprouted Whole Wheat.” It’s great lightly toasted with pasture butter, with homemade nutella on top, as a sandwich with leftover meat, and it was delicious as French toast with a bit of real maple syrup!!

Here’s the ingredient list.

All good stuff!

The first ingredient is sprouted whole wheat berries – and I had been having problems with wheat. But, like a lot of other people, my problem with wheat is only if it’s not prepared properly. If it’s prepared in traditional ways – soaked, fermented, or sprouted – my body’s just fine with it! Also, when whole grains are prepared this way they don’t have that heavy, bitter flavor that a lot of whole wheat breads can have.

Also on the ingredient list? Sprouted flax seeds – and flax is a super inflammation fighter! Also, instead of sweeteners, dates and raisins are used to sweeten it up. They’re pureed into it – there aren’t chunks of them in the bread or anything.

The only questionable ingredient (from a “real food” standpoint) is the soy-based lecithin, but it’s really far down the list and I’m willing to live with it.

This bread is flavorful without being dense and overwhelming, and soft and fluffy. And – here’s the real test…. MY FAMILY LIKES IT. My kids like it. My husband likes it. Win!

So, if you’re looking for a healthy bread, made with grains that are properly prepared and without added sweeteners or preservatives, and you’re not wanting to put the time and work into making your own, this is a good one! I found it in the Giant down the street – just my local regular grocery store. Whole Foods and Trader Joes had Ezekiel Bread – which is a sprouted grain bread – but it wasn’t as good. It was really dense and no one in the family liked it. So, check out your grocery store! You might be surprised!



6 thoughts on “My New Bread

  1. Jody

    Just bought some and def. agree, It’s good! Also love that its much healthier than many other breads on the shelf. I have seen it for a while at the Giant by us and have wondered if it tasted like cardboard. There was no way I was going to pay 4.00 for cardboard! But this is def. worth it I think! Thanks for the post!

    1. Rachel Post author

      I’m so glad you like it, Jody! Having the sprouted wheat is so much healthier than regular wheat, so I’m really glad it tastes non-cardboardy too. :)

  2. Mimi

    Alvarado also has a Sourdough sprouted wheat bread. I love it! It’s nice to know that they have a version that’s made with sourdough instead of commercial yeast. For me, I seem to feel healthier on Sourdough than I do with bread made from regular yeast.

    We use Alvarado bread for everything. It makes great bread crumbs and I used it during the holidays for stuffing!

  3. Kim

    Great job Rachel! I already went to store and got the cocconut palm sugar,and spelt flour and pasta. Now I will have to try the bread! We’re following your path! You look fabulous!

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