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ANYTIME DESSERTS – Desserts that have no sweeteners and can be enjoyed whenever you want!

Stewed Apples with Cinnamon Nut Streusel – Soft, sweet cooked apples with crunchy, buttery, cinnamony chopped nuts. Delicious. Makes an excellent breakfast or snack, and is something you can eat every day if you want!

Magic Milkshakes – made with frozen bananas, these have endless variation possibilities and the exact mouth feel of a milkshake. And you can eat them as much as you like. These things save my life.

Raw Apple Pie – This apple pie is sweetened with dates, and along with the spicy, buttery nut crust is incredibly satisfying!

Browned Butter Banana Bread – Mildly sweet with a great light flavor and texture – and NO added sugar and NO wheat!
banana bread with chocolate pb

Overnight Waffles – These whole grain waffles are light and tender and perfect with mashed strawberries on top! They’re great for breakfast or – why not? – dessert!!
strawberry waffles

Choco-Almond Snack Bites – without the chocolate layer on top, these things would be the perfect quick breakfast on the run. They taste a lot like mildly sweet chewy granola bars. With the chocolate on top, they transform into an indulgent-feeling treat! (With chocolate these are SOMETIMES DESSERTS.)
Choco-Almond Snack Bites

Fresh Fruit Salad – My personal preferences for the perfect fruit salad. Good with any meal, and a great dessert with some fresh whipped cream!
fruit salad

Strawberry Shortcake – if you leave out the maple syrup this is totally an anytime dessert!
Strawberry Shortcake

Baked Fruit Custard – a comforting, nourishing recipe that’s good as breakfast or dessert! Leave out the maple syrup for a slightly less sweet “anytime dessert” option.

 SOMETIMES DESSERTS – These desserts are made with varying amounts of sweeteners, and so should be indulged in carefully!

Special Occasion Chocolate Chip Cookies – “Special occasion” because they do have palm sugar in them, so can’t be eaten a lot for anti-inflammation purposes. But there’s no white sugar or refined grains, and they taste great, so if you’re just starting out this could be a good compromise recipe, or an occasional indulgence.

Nutty Carob Chip Cookies (gluten-free!) – a “safer”version of the above cookie, with chopped pecans, no wheat, less palm sugar, and carob instead of chocolate.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie (gluten free!) – Seriously delicious, but something that you have to eat sparingly because it does have sweeteners in it. Still, good for a craving episode if you just let yourself have one!

Grain-Free Banana Cake (gluten-free!) – This recipe isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s good. Dense, moist, and banana-y.

Soaked Oat Pumpkin Cake – Soaking oats overnight in buttermilk makes them more digestible, very tender, and gives the cake a nice buttermilk “bite.”

Date Sweetened Pumpkin Bread Cake – I adapted my pumpkin bread recipe to use dates instead of sweetener and buckwheat flour instead of wheat flour – and it is FANTASTIC. This is my favorite of the two pumpkin cake recipes! It uses 3/4 LESS sweetener than the one above, and yet tastes SWEETER! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream – Seriously decadent stuff. Rich, chocolatey, and something to be moderate about eating!
chocolate ice cream
Fresh Mint Ice Cream – made by steeping fresh mint leaves in hot cream, this ice cream tastes remarkably fresh and green! It’s frozen summer in a bowl.
fresh mint ice cream
Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate – the flavors of Mexican hot chocolate (chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper) in ice cream form! Delicious.
frozen mexican hot chocolate

Blondie Brownie Cake –  the maple/caramel/butterscotch flavor of a blondie brownie with a cake-like texture!
blondie cake

Ginger Molasses Muffin Tops – Soft, fluffy, muffin-like cookies with a great ginger and molasses kick! One of my family’s favorites.
gingerbread muffin tops

Lemon Cake with Strawberries and Cream – This cake is spectacular, and is the perfect dessert to bring to a special occasion! It’s something even sugar-eaters will love.

Buckwheat Peanut Butter Krispies – these use whole buckwheat groats that are toasted to give a fabulous crispy crunch. Surrounded with peanut butter sweetened with a bit of honey, and an optional layer of very dark chocolate, these make a very satisfying snack!
Buckwheat PB Krispies

Grain-Free (and amazing!) Zucchini Brownies – Don’t let the fact that there’s a vegetable in this throw you off – the zucchini is what makes these puppies so amazingly moist and tender! By far the best better-for-you brownies I’ve tried.
zucchini brownies

Crushed Pineapple Upside Down Cake – My version of pineapple upside down cake – with crushed pineapple for a bigger pineapple kick!
crushed pineapple cake

Pumpkin Pie – the perennial favorite! This version is wonderfully spicy and creamy, and sweetened with palm sugar. (So be careful if you are sensitive to all sweeteners!)
pumpkin pie