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(Slightly) Sweet Fresh Iced Tea – This is a simple tutorial on how to make iced tea – just in case you didn’t already know. Because on a diet like this, where milk and tea are kind of all you can drink, a little variety can be appreciated!
iced tea

Warm Cardamom Milk – Spicy, almost gingery, slightly sweet milk that is guaranteed to chill you out while it warms you up!

Perfect Hot Chocolate – Made with just three ingredients and ready in less than 5 minutes!
hot chocolate

Magic Milkshakes – made with frozen bananas, these have endless variation possibilities and the exact mouth feel of a milkshake. And you can eat them as much as you like. These things save my life.

Pain Fighting Super Smoothies – Drinking these smoothies filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients will have you feeling great!

 Everlasting Chicken Broth – a flavorful broth recipe that can last all week long!


Hot Cranberry Cider Swizzle – Fresh cranberries and spices simmered in apple cider – it’s the perfect winter drink!
Hot Cranberry Cider Swizzle