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(Slightly) Sweet Fresh Iced Tea

This recipe is really a no-brainer. A lot of my recipes are, though, like the smoothies, and the popcorn, and the cardamom milk. They’re not so much recipes as…ideas.

But, ideas is the whole reason I have this blog! To give people ideas about what to eat – or drink – when they go on a diet like this. Sometimes all you want is someone to give you a list of things and to say, “Here. This is what you can eat! Go!”

So, you can add this one to your list of “Things I Can Drink.” You know, along with water, and milk, and…water. Yeah. The list of drink options on this diet isn’t very long. Which is why it’s nice to have this in your repertoire!

It’s embarrassingly easy. There’s nothing to it.

Get some tea bags. They sell special iced tea blends, which I like, but you can use any tea bags you want.

tea bags

Iced tea bags are double the size of regular tea bags, so put either one iced tea bag or two regular tea bags in a two cup measuring cup. Boil some filtered water and fill up the measuring cup to the top. I just fill it as far as I can go – I don’t stop at the two cup mark.

iced tea

Stir in the smallest smidgen of powdered stevia in with the tea. You could always add more, but I find that a lot of stevia just tastes…weird. This amount makes for a very slightly sweet tea that I find perfectly refreshing, but too much stevia tastes cloying, with a strange aftertaste. You can, of course, add as much stevia as you want, as long as you like the taste. Remember, with stevia a little goes a really long way.

(If you can tolerate whole food sweeteners, you can add in a half cup of honey at this point instead of the Stevia. It tastes better than the Stevia, but you should leave it out if you’re in the early stages of this diet or are experiencing symptoms of inflammation.)


At this point you can also put in other things, like mint leaves, or lemon wedges, or other things you’d like to flavor the tea.

Let it steep for several minutes, until the tea is very dark.

iced tea

Meanwhile, put one tray of ice cubes in a two quart PLASTIC pitcher.


And pour the tea over the ice. NEVER EVER EVER DO THIS IN A GLASS PITCHER!!!! If you do, it’ll shatter all over you.

iced tea

Then fill it up the rest of the way with filtered water. I actually go by the color of the tea more than anything else – I look for a very light amber.

iced tea

And that’s it! You can drink it right away!

iced tea

This iced tea is wonderfully refreshing when freshly made, so I make it in small amounts. It’ll keep for several days in the refrigerator, but after a day or so, it starts to taste sort of…murky. Or something. So it’s best to keep it to small batches.

And you can experiment. Use different flavors of tea, or herbal tea. Crush some fruit or mint and steep it in with the tea bag.

So…there you go! Not a recipe, but an idea. Just in case you hadn’t thought of it on your own yet. And just in case someone out there wants an actual written out “recipe,” here it is!

(Slightly) Sweet Fresh Iced Tea
Recipe type: drinks
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 5-6 servings
  • 1 large iced tea bag, or 2 regular tea bags
  • 1 tray of ice cubes
  • a pinch of stevia powder (optional)
  • ¼ cup honey (optional. Can be used instead of the Stevia if you can tolerate whole food sweeteners)
  • filtered water
  • other items for flavoring, such as mint leaves, lemon wedges, or crushed fruit (optional)
  1. Put the tea bag(s) in a two cup measuring cup, and fill to the top with boiling water.
  2. Stir in a pinch of stevia (or honey) if using, and any other items you want to flavor the tea. Let the tea steep for several minutes, until it's very dark.
  3. Fill a 2 quart PLASTIC pitcher with 1 tray of ice cubes. DO NOT DO THIS IN A GLASS PITCHER!!! If using a glass pitcher, mix the tea and ice together in a different container first.
  4. Pour the tea over the ice, and then fill the pitcher the rest of the way with cold filtered water.