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Flaxseed bread

My New Bread

One of the biggest problems after starting this diet was bread. I’d already been buying organic whole wheat bread, but even that has some refined grains, as well as sweeteners, and it wasn’t okay for me to eat anymore. I tried a truly whole wheat bread, but it was so dense and heavy that I couldn’t tolerate it, much less the rest of my family! I probably could have tried making my own bread, but – honestly? – that’s just WAY more work than I’m willing to do. So, I just kind of gave up and decided to stick to my puffed spelt cakes.

But, then I found this bread. And it was at my local regular grocery store, of all places!


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honey mints

Shopping Goodies

I went shopping today. Shopping anymore is adventuresome, and usually involves stops at places I didn’t used to go to as often as I search for alternate food ideas. Today’s visits to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (which is conveniently across the street from TJs) yielded a couple promising finds!


I found these Dark Chocolate Honey Mint¬†gems at Trader Joe’s. There’s just three ingredients: honey, chocolate liquor, and peppermint extract. Honey is on the list of no-no foods for anti-inflammation, so these aren’t things I can eat a lot of, but it is at least a whole, natural food, unlike sugar, so is easier on the body. And they’re delicious! With no refined sugar in these they might be a good occasional treat!

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