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Maple Cider Sweet Potatoes

Buttery Maple-Cider Sweet Potatoes

Doesn’t just that title alone make your mouth water? It sure does mine.

Before I started this diet, I had a standard sweet potato recipe that I made every Thanksgiving. I loved it for its simplicity, but it had brown sugar in it, so I decided to switch things around a bit to make it “legal.”

Well, folks, this is one of the few times in which I can honestly say that the revised version of this recipe is actually BETTER than the original sugary one. That has only been the case once before so far (the Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream). So I can absolutely, whole-heartedly tell you that these sweet potatoes are simply fantastic! They’re subtly sweet, with the maple syrup and apple cider complementing the sweetness of the potatoes instead of overwhelming it like the sugar used to. The butter also goes together marvelously with the syrup, and butter is always wonderful with sweet potatoes anyway. I find myself wondering why I didn’t ALWAYS use maple syrup instead of brown sugar!

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