raw apple pie

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Wondering what to make for Thanksgiving dinner? Here are a few tried-and-true ideas…many of which I’ll be making for my own family next week! I’ll also be making a pumpkin custard (pumpkin pie without the crust), as well as a pumpkin/cream cheese fruit dip. Mmmm! You can look for those posts after the holiday! In the meantime, maybe some of these will give you inspiration!

Curried Butternut Squash Soup – This soup is creamy, with a combination of sweet and savory. Really good with some crumbled bacon and slices of mild cheese melting on top!
butternut squash soup

Maple-Cider Sweet Potatoes – this is my absolute favorite sweet potato recipe! So good. Sweet potatoes sprinkled with cinnamon and pecans, dotted with butter, and then drizzled all over with a mix of spiced cider and maple syrup. Mmmm! A real crowd pleaser
Maple Cider Sweet Potatoes

Herbed Corn – this is another Thanksgiving staple in my home. The sweet corn, creamy butter, and savory herbs all go together perfectly in this side dish!
herbed corn

Whole Grain Honey Cornbread – Looking for an alternative to bready stuffing? Perhaps this cornbread will fit the bill instead!
Whole Grain Honey Cornbread

Creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette – How about a holiday salad of spinach and greens, pomegranatet seeds, and walnuts? This simple, delicious dressing goes perfectly with any salad.

Stewed Apples with Nut Streusel – This could be a perfect dessert alternative for those who can’t tolerate any sweetener at all, or could be simply another side dish!

Raw Apple Pie – This pie is sweetened only with fruit, and so is safe even for the most inflammatory-sensitive person!! You can change it up and add things too – like cranberries, or nuts, or other fruits.
raw apple pie

Ginger-Molasses Muffin Tops – These use dates to substitute for some of the sweetener, leaving a fluffy, pillow-like, spicy dessert that’s something between cookies and muffins!
gingerbread muffin tops

Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate – How about ice cream?! This chocolate ice cream is jazzed up with a pinch of cinnamon. Perfect for this time of year!
chocolate ice cream

Hot Cranberry-Cider Swizzle – I serve this every Thanksgiving and Christmas! It’s a great drink to have waiting hot, in the crock pot, for people to drink while they wait for dinner to be ready!
Hot Cranberry Cider Swizzle